We are a local grocery and kitchen supply store focused on supplying local produce, organic and specialty groceries from ‘around here’ and ‘around the world’. It is our mission to provide a full selection in a friendly neighborhood market environment. Let our dedicated staff help you find everything you need to craft a great home cooked meal. 



We seek to bridge the disconnect between farm and table by connecting directly to those who provide our goods. We cherish the opportunity to get to know many of our vendors personally and strive to give our customers that opportunity as well. Whether it is a producer dropping into the store to deliver their goods or one of our farmers leading an after hours class, we are thankful to live by food writer Michael Pollan’s suggestion to “Shake the hand that feeds you,” and look forward to doing so every day.



We are lucky to be part of Richmond’s vibrant creative community and rich food culture. Located in the Fan district, when you come in you can look forward to running into a neighbor on her way home from work or a friend stopping in while taking his dog for a walk. As we continue to evolve and grow, your suggestions and support are essential to us.